About Us
Pure water foundation is a Trust. It is a Non-Profit Organization. Objectives are
To make available clean potable water to the poor, and the needy of the World
To cater to the clean water requirements of villages, schools, hospitals, orphanages and homes for the helpless
To involve ourselves in publicizing the issues relating to the water crisis in the World
To involve ourselves in technical research and scholarly studies relating to the problem of water
To coordinate the efforts of NGOs towards solutions for water, sanitation and ecology related research, studies and activities
To publish periodicals, pamphlets, brochures and newsletters relating to the above concerns, and relating to the work of the Trust
To produce, audio-visual materials to propagate the Trust's mission as stated above
To mobilize funds on a non-profit basis for the above activities
Since water is a part of the eco-system of the planet, to involve in studies and programmes relating to energy, sanitation and ecology.
To work in cooperation with NGOs and Funding Agencies (National and International) to propagate the above objectives
To actively encourage and invite the participation of the Corporate World, Clubs, Associations and other private and Governmental institutions with respect to the objectives of the Trust
The board of Trustees consists of
Dr. S. S. Sivakumar, Founder-cum-Managing Trustee
Mr. T. M. Shyamsunder, Trustee
Mr. Pari Sivakumar, Trustee